Making a Night Stalker



David Burnett was born and raised in Colorado, USA. After a few semesters of college he decided it wasn't for him and he enlisted in the Army in 2008. He was stationed with 563rd ASB as a 15U (Chinook Helicopter repairer). After realizing his job in the regular Army was not as fulfilling as he had hoped, he applied for 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment SOAR. After making it through the unit's five week selection process he began his journey as a Special Operations crew chief. He went through countless years of training and deployed with the unit five times before deciding he wasn't going to re-enlist. He put pen to paper after receiving an honorable discharge from the unit and began writing his story. The story is complete and he is excited to release his book to you all. The book has undergone the Department of Publication and Security Review (DOPSR) and has been approved for publication and release by the Pentagon.